World War 2 was a massive war. Over 100 million soldiers fought each other over the fate of the world. A war that large needed a lot of vehicles to fight and carry stuff. That means that inventors were constantly looking for the next big thing to win the war. Some of what they came up with revolutionized modern transportation like the jet engine and others were just downright strange.

5. X Class tiny subs: James Bond had his own personal submarine car in The Spy Who Loved Me so it’s only fitting that the British would have had smallest subs in the war. And by small we’re talking tiny enough that it could be crewed by a family of 4. The X Class submarines would be towed by larger subs and then stealthily approach an enemy ship through their anti-sub nets. They would then release 2 depth charges and hurry back to the protection of the larger sub before things went boom. In 1934 six of these little guys took out the Tirpitz which was one of the two largest ships in the German navy. That’s not bad for something no bigger than a mobile home

4. OHaka kamikaze airplane: One the things on my list of must have on an airplane is a landing gear but for the pilots of the Ohka’s landing wasn’t part of the mission. These were really more like piloted missiles then actual airplanes. They would be dropped by a bomber and then the pilot would try to control it through a sharp rocket assisted dive until it hit an enemy ship. Some saw use in the war but were found to lack enough explosive power to be much use. In total the Japanese built a crazy 855 of these death traps. How they tested them I have no idea.

3 A-40 flying tank: two things ww2 taught us tanks are good and planes are really good. So can you really blame the Russians for thinking a flying tank would be totally awesome? They basically took a T60 tank and attached an ejectable tail and wings. It would be towed by a bomber to the drop site and then would glide its self where it was needed. They even got one successfully in the air. So what’s the problem then? Well tanks are heavy and in order to get the tank in the air they had to lose some stuff like all the fuel and ammo you know the stuff you want to come with your tank. Needless to say the project was scraped.

2. Kettenkard motorcycle tank: The Nazis weren’t happy to just let the Russians have all the fun mixing and matching vehicles. What they came up with was half tank half motorcycle and all kinds of cool. It had 2 small tank treads that moved it forward with one tire at front and a set of handle bars to steer the thing. They were popular among scouting units because they could go practically anywhere and carry all their supplies saving their backs. The Nazis built over 8000 of these to cruise around the eastern front and after the war a large amount found use as tractors tiling the farms of the USSR.

1. Kugelpanzer aka the orb: Everything about the Kuglepanzer is just strange. It looks like a tank and a zorb had a baby. All that we really know about it is that it’s very small only holding a crew of one, it was made in Germany, and it was captured by the Russians from the Japanese in Manchuria. It’s also powered by a tiny 1 cylinder engine. Everything else is a complete mystery. What the Japanese were doing with a tank designed by the people at Dyson the world may never know for sure. Some ideas are it was used for scouting or kamikaze style attacks or maybe less insane just laying cables.