3150 BC to now – The ancient Egyptians and other early bronze age civilizations used beheading to dispatch of criminals and prisoners of war. One crime that would land you on the chopping block for certain was grave robbing. The curved chopping sword the Khopesh may have been one of the weapons used for the grisly job.

Source http://www.ancientfacts.net/how-ancient-egyptians-punished-their-criminals/

800bc to 400bc – The ancient Greeks felt that killing another person even a criminal brought serious bad luck to killer so the Greeks preferred death by exposure. They would throw a criminal into a deep pit called a barathorn and just allow them to die of thirst or hunger, Later they would do way with the pit and simply tie the person to a board stuck in the earth.

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522 bc to 337 Ad – The Romans are probably best known for crucifixion a punishment that was only dealt to foreign enemies captured by Rome, actual Romans would be headed or strangled  The victim would be nailed to a cross or post in a variety of ways and left to die over time sometimes over several days. In 337 the emperor Constantine banded crucifixion after becoming a Christian.

Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crucifixion#cite_note-75


600 to 1500 – The people of the medieval era were pretty inventive when it came to torture and executions. One way a person could be killed was to tie them to large heavy wheel and rolling them down a rocky hillside. If there was no hillside though the wheel could be suspended and the persons arms tied to the spokes and they would be beaten to death.

Source http://www.medievalchronicles.com/medieval-torture-devices/catherine-wheel/

900 to now – The most common way to be executed in the early medieval era was to be hung. A person would be put on a cart or a stool while a noose was placed on their neck then the  cart or stool would be removed causing the convicted person to strangle. Later gallows would be invented using trap doors and work by snapping the spine.

Source https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/execution/readings/history

Possibly 1526 to Now – Death by firing squad is typically used for military court marshals but has become the go method for 3 world countries and guerrilla groups enforcing their cruel power. Oddly the firing squad that had been replaced by methods that were supposed to be more humane it might be making a comeback as those other methods have been ruled cruel and unusual.

Source https://www.usnews.com/news/the-report/articles/2017-03-03/the-firing-squad-is-making-a-comeback-in-death-penalty-cases

1792 to 1977 – Thought to be human and efficient the guillotine was the favorite method of execution during the French revolution. Around 16,000 people would be killed this way during the year known as the reign of terror in France.

Source https://www.britannica.com/topic/guillotine

1890 to now – the electric chair was purposed by of all people a dentist name Dr Southwick fitting since dentists know all about unconformable chairs. It was though to be more humane then hanging but due to burns caused by chair and since the process might not work the first time many now feel the chair is cruel and unusual and it is rarely if ever used.

Source https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/first-execution-by-electric-chair

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1924 to 1999 – Originally the idea was that a poisonous gas could be pumped into a inmates cell but that didn’t work since cells wernt air tigth enough to contain the gas. So  hambers had to be  built. The gas used most commonly was cyanide a method that would later be scaled up in the evils of the holocaust.

source https://deathpenaltycurriculum.org/student/c/about/methods/gaschamber.htm

1982 to now – While lethal injection had been used by the Nazis it was first used to carry out a court ordered death sentences in Texas in the early 80’s. The procedure was though to be more humane then the currently being used electric chair or gas chamber.

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