August 2018

WW1 the Gas War

When we think of the horrors of large scale warfare we naturally think of WW2. But the first World War was our actual introduction to the lethality of modern war. Tanks, machine guns, and war planes all saw their origins… Continue Reading →

Japan’s Plague Bombs

World War II was full of bizarre weapons from rifles with curved barrels to attempts at flying tanks. There was nothing each side wouldn’t do to gain an advantage. Every country in the war had their own research department, which… Continue Reading →

The Axeman of New Orleans

The sounds of jazz has always had a special connection to New Orleans. It’s almost impossible to go down Bourbon Street without hearing the unmistakable call of a saxophone. But the link between the big easy and the devils music… Continue Reading →

The Trial of Lizzy Borden

It was a sweltering June 5th 1893 in Massachusetts, in a courthouse the trial was about to begin for what may be the most famous and grisly murders in American history. The accused was a thirty year old upper class… Continue Reading →

3 Mass Disappearances In American History

Normally when we here of a disappearance it’s one person who decided to run away or was met with some misfortune. We generally think there is safety in numbers. But as we will find out though it’s possible for even… Continue Reading →

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