Normally when we here of a disappearance it’s one person who decided to run away or was met with some misfortune. We generally think there is safety in numbers. But as we will find out though it’s possible for even hundreds of people to just seem to fade out of existence.

The Roanoke Colony

In 1587 a group of 115 people left from Britain to establish the first permanent British colony in what’s is now North Carolina. When they arrived there the Roanoke colonists quickly found survival hard as they faced a famine. Later that year they decided that a fellow colonist John White should go back to Britain and get more supplies. When he got back to the colony in 1590 all of the colonists had vanished without a trace. The only clue was the word Croatian that was carved in a post.

The word Croatian was the name of an island and tribe of nearby Native Americans. Recently archeologists have found European goods in what was at the time Croatian territory. They also found that the colonialists had built a palisade around their village which points to the possibility of an attack by the Croatian. Another possibility is that in their desperation they merged with the tribe. Some think they may have tried to sail off the island themselves and sunk. It’s even possible that some new world illness killed everyone though strangely no bodies were ever found. Whatever caused the disappearance it’s odd that no one tried to write down what happened this leads many to speculate whatever it was that happened it happened fast.

Flight 19

On December 5th 1945 five TBM Avenger naval bombers left Florida on a practice bombing run in the Bahamas. At 2:30 pm that day they had just finished there bombing run and were heading back when one of the pilots thought his compass was malfunctioning. Soon the crews of the bombers all became lost, some thinking they had gotten all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The last bit of radio communication was from a pilot and mission leader Charles Taylor.

“We’ll have to ditch unless landfall…when the first plane drops below ten gallons, we all go down together.” after that radio communication stopped. No sign of the five planes or the fifteen airmen has been found since.

Taylor who was leading the mission and prior tried to get out of doing the flight claiming he just didn’t feel up to it. There are many theories as to what happened to flight 19 everything from aliens to worm holes. Two that sound mostly reasonable is something was wrong with the other is that there was some sort of magnetic anomaly in area that messed with the planes compasses. It’s still a mystery and one we probably won’t solve till we find the planes.

USS Cyclops

In 1918 a large navy shipping vessel named the Cyclops left Rio, Brazil for Baltimore, Maryland carrying manganese for weapons manufacturing. That march it made a stop in Barbados to gather supplies. On March 10th as it was finishing it trip all communications were lost from Cyclops and it seemed have disappeared with all 306 crewmen never to be seen again. While many have looked for the giant Cyclops, its wreck site is still a mystery.

The official story is that a strong pop up storm that’s not uncommon on the Mid Atlantic coast capsized the boat. This was possibly added by the fact the ship was severely over loaded. Some say that due to the ship’s massive size it made it hard to tip over. Others think it might have been attacked by a WW1 German U boat trying to keep the US from the resources of South America. There is always a possibility that the Bermuda triangle worked its magic once again. But for those who hunt for ship wrecks and their mysteries the Cyclops seems be extremely elusive.


The Unanswered Loss of USS Cyclops – March 1918