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WW1 the Gas War

When we think of the horrors of large scale warfare we naturally think of WW2. But the first World War was our actual introduction to the lethality of modern war. Tanks, machine guns, and war planes all saw their origins… Continue Reading →

Japan’s Plague Bombs

World War II was full of bizarre weapons from rifles with curved barrels to attempts at flying tanks. There was nothing each side wouldn’t do to gain an advantage. Every country in the war had their own research department, which… Continue Reading →

Lake Nyos

by Devin Jarboe Early on the morning of August 22nd, 1986 Emmanuel Ngu Mbi began to bike from the village of Wum to his home near Lake Nyos, known as the Good Lake to the locals. Soon into his journey… Continue Reading →

5 Gruesome Medical Procedures in History

Medicine isn’t always pretty but it has come along away. For our ancestors a trip to the doctors was almost as risky as the illness itself. While the below cures might seem extreme and pretty gross to us now they… Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Case of the Sleeping Plague

A sickness struck the world for 12 years putting to sleep everyone in its path. The strange illness took the lives of over a million people from 1916 to 1928. But you probably wouldn’t have heard about it unless you’re… Continue Reading →

A Timeline of Forensics With Unsolved Crimes !

Operation Paperclip

By November of 1945 ww2 on the western front was brought to a close and the Nazi war machine was brought to its end but there was still one problem. Before and during the war Nazi Germany had invested tons… Continue Reading →

The Case of the Deadly Dye

In 1775 an early chemist Carl Scheele had discovered that he could make a beautiful bright yellowish-green pigment that was excellent for making paints, dyeing cloth and paper, and oh yah as a pesticide. See Scheele’s Green as it was… Continue Reading →

3 Awful Experiments in Obedience

1. The Milgram Experiment: The Experiment – In 1961 while working at Yale University Stanly Milgram decided to test how far people would go just to follow orders. He put subjects in a room with an actor dressed as a… Continue Reading →

The Real Doctors Frankenstein

    Mary Shelley as part of a writing contest with her brother Percy, Lord Byron, and John Poildori put pen to paper and crafted the first science fiction novel Frankenstein. In 1818 it was published and audiences have been… Continue Reading →

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